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Strategic objectives 2021 to 2026

Dynamic, Collaborative, Excellent

The strategy sets out an ambitious vision for our future, building on the solid foundations of the last 22 years.

Why now?

The world around us has changed and is evolving rapidly. If we’re to stay relevant and remain an international leader in our field, we need a strategy that anticipates, recognises and responds to future changes and challenges.  

Added to this, the COVID-19 pandemic changed the UK health and care landscape significantly. The speed at which the crisis gripped our health and care system demanded a new type of response. One that required swiftness and flexibility with constant monitoring of, and reacting to, a changing situation. We rose to the challenge, and the pandemic provided a catalyst for the type of change that we already knew we needed to make.

What will be different?

We’ve developed a vision for the future where we will:

  • Be at the forefront of anticipating and rapidly evaluating new and existing technologies to provide independent, world-leading assessments of value for the system and improved access for patients.
  • Provide dynamic, living guideline recommendations that are useful, useable and rapidly updated. They’ll incorporate the latest evidence and newly recommended technologies to maximise uptake and access for patients.
  • Drive the implementation of our guidance, forming key strategic partnerships to make sure it’s used. We’ll make sure it delivers improvements and contributes to reducing inequalities, with measures to routinely track adoption.
  • Be scientific leaders, driving the research agenda and developing innovative and data-driven methods. We’ll use real-world data to resolve issues of uncertainty and improve access to new innovations for patients.
  • Transform our organisation to make sure we have the infrastructure, skills and capacity to deliver our strategy. We’ll leverage the use of technology to maximise our efficiency and impact.

Download the full strategy here